Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Few More Updates....

Ok, so I am back from my trip to the Cayman Islands. Thanks everybody for keeping the community alive in my absence, and special thanks to my brother, Alex Woolery, for doing a ton of work while I was gone. The main page is updated a bit, refresh your browser if you need to (www.playgenesis.com). I am going to slowly migrate most of the links to be hosted natively on the main website. The community around Genesis is growing slowly, but at least it is growing steadily :). I have a feeling that the next press release could really go a long way, in terms of proving that Genesis is a legitimate project, and that will hold up to many of its bold claims. For those of you who don't already know, I am working on the plant engine right now, it will be the next thing I demo. Also, the videos and screenshots should be higher quality next time around. To all the kind people who have offered their support, be it monetarily or in terms of services, I extend to you my utmost gratitude. There have been some questions about copyright issues, payment, and usage, so let me resolve these questions right now:

-Your work becomes the shared property of the Genesis Project and yourself, and may be shared with any other party, but may not, under any circumstance, be copyrighted, post or prior to being submitted.

-I cannot pay people for their services, other than putting their name in the credits and giving them a good resume booster (As it is, I can hardly afford to employ my own brother!). However, I will try to find ways to reward people who constantly submit work that is usable in the project. The main reward for working on this project is knowing that you are supporting a good cause :).

-If I don't use your work, please do not be offended - your work is yours to keep, and you can use it to enhance your portfolio or resume. I am extremely picky about what I accept, so rather than be offended if I do not use your work, you should feel relatively lucky if I do. :) I may reject work based on several factors: it is not of high enough quality, I already have a good version of the work you submitted, or the content is not appropriate for the engine. If you do not consider your work to be up to professional standards, you should not submit it to the Genesis Project. I hate to sound harsh, but I would hate it even more if somebody worked really hard on something only to have me not use it. Please note, I will accept and display all concept art/fan art, if it is appropriate.